Baal Cyrus WB
King Baal Cyrus concept art (Copyrighted Kirb Brimstone)
Name King Baal Cyrus
Aliases n/a
Base of Operation Ezran
Occupation Current King of Ezran
Title King
Relatives Dagon Cyrus
Age 29
Eye color Red and Blue
Hair color Black
Height 7'1
Weight 301
Race Barsian
Gender Male
Birthplace Corinth Castle
Date of Birth Unknown
National Allegiance Barsian Ezranian
Other Info
Weapon/Tool Royal Barsian Nimcha
Weakness He has never needed to see combat, he chases women, works out, and trains for fun, but may not be ready for actual


King Baal descended from barbarians who for years were held at bay by the towering wall that protected the people of Ezran, until the day The Dragon came to Ezran. The Barsian Warlord made a deal and pledged his loyalty to The Dragon in return he was made King. King Baal comes from that line and has inherited the false throne. King Baal is an uncaring selfish and Materialistic ruler who is more concerned with his appearance than the well being of the people. King Baal himself doesn't really believe that there is a Dragon and just allies himself with the Temple of the Dragon for political reasons. King Baal is very politically minded and does everything ensure his rule. The King likes the current social order of Ezran (slavery of Agapar, exploitation of the peoples of Ezran and will defend it.


Royally trained in combat and swordsmanship, his people possess 20 times the strength of an average human.


As King he hold political power and commands a grand army.