Jude Gideon
Jude concept art (Copyrighted Kirb Brimstone)
Name Jude Gideon
Aliases Hagion Knight, The Eklektos: Bearer of the Hagion Armor
Base of Operation Ezran
Occupation Student, King
Title Jude Gideon
Relatives James Gideon (Father)
Age 17
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Height 5'10
Weight 178
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthplace Sunny Pines, Florida
Date of Birth May 30th
National Allegiance Ezran
Other Info
Weapon/Tool The Hagion Armor and Sheild, The Sword called Logos.
Weakness Separation from the source of his power and Jude’s lack of training.


Jude is your typical High school slacker, just a kid without ambition who always has his head in the clouds. Until one day he is magically transported to the enchanted world of Ezran; a once beautiful land of magic and wonder that has fallen under the control of a dark entity called the Albelial. Ruled by an uncaring selfish King and influenced by a depraved High Priest, Ezran’s innocence has been lost to corruption and greed. Jude is told he is the foretold Eklektos who would serve Dabar as bearer of the Hagion Armor. Instead Jude chooses to reject his destiny and find a way back home. Falling into temptation Jude gives into drink and women and in his drunken state is tricked into slavery and sold to the enemy.  Jude became trapped in bondage to Albelial the Dragon and would be eventually devoured by him until the Dabar the Good Shepherd himself freed him by taking his place. Now Jude must journey into his destiny and learn how to wield his new found power.


As he progresses he learns to develop his powers and fighting skills. Right now he is untrained.

Powers and Abilities

Jude draws his powers from the sentient sacred power called the Rue Arc. The sacred being that resides within Jude, allows him to bear a mystical armor called the Hagion Armor and fuels both Jude and the Armor with his power. When Jude puts on the Armor he has access to different power sets:

  • ·         The helmet gives him the ability to see into the magical realm, detect magic, power levels, and makes him resistant to dark influence.
  • ·         The Breast plate grants moderate imperviousness and strength.
  • ·         The belt grants uncanny balance and agility.
  • ·         The boots give him supernatural speed and vertical leap and with training can grant flight.
  • ·         The energy shield can quench any magical attack. It is mentally connected to his helmet and appears on reflex or summoned at will.
  • ·         The sword (Logos) can generate powerful waves of energy and with training it can cut through any object.

The Rue Arc supplements Jude’s typical weaknesses (e.g.  Fills him with courage and gifts additional stamina when needed), enhanced senses (e.g. sensing when he has been affected by dark influences) that work in tandem with his training and preternatural auto-reflexes.

Lightbringer Mode

Rue Arc’s power is limitless and the more Jude is in harmony with the Rues Arc’s will is the more Jude can potentially access his power. Jude can enter a mode called “Light Bringer.” Once in that mode Jude’s abilities amplify exponentially is shield becomes more durable and his sword becomes stronger and sharper.