Map of Ezran

A once beautiful land of magic and wonder that has fallen under the control of a dark entity called the Albelial.

Castes of Ezran Edit

In the Age of the Dragon, Ezran has a three tear Caste system based on race/ethnicity:

  • The Ruling caste: This caste is divided into two sub-castes:
    1. The Noble caste: Barsian who make up the government and throne. Although not all Barsian are Royalty or Nobility every Barsian born in Ezran falls under this caste.
    2. The Clerical caste: Made entirely of Vipents. Vipents are the only race eligible for priesthood and other type of priestly office.
  • The Lower caste: Below the Ruling Caste that aren’t slaves but are second class citizens who can’t hold certain positions, it’s made up of two subgroups.
    1. The Totemic caste: Aziza and Mesadunites living in Ezran belong to this caste. Neither acknowledges the caste system.
    2. The Toiler caste: The lower working class. Gargoyles and Muswarks belong to this cast.
  • The Slave Caste: The lowest cast made up of Agapar as house cleaning and farmstead work) and Gorg(Heavy Labor and Construction). Island Agapar also fall under this caste even though most Island Agapar are not in any form of bondage slavery.
  • Mixed Breeds:.An unofficial caste made up of people of mixed heritage.
    1. Half horns: A half Barsian, half Agapar person. Lower then the Noble Caste but higher but not a slave. Half horns are treated as outcasts.
    2. Sand Agapar: Mesadunites accept any child with mixed Agapar heritage as one of their own and allow them to live amongst them with relatively little prejudice but Vipents and Barsians don’t distinguish them from any other Agapar and are therefore eligible for slavery.
    3. Wingless: Aziza don’t typically mix with any other people groups and consider any half breeds out casts.

Cities and places of Ezran Edit

  • Ezran City: The capital of Ezran and location of the king’s Castle Corinth Castle.  Ezran City is the Hub of economy and politics. Predominantly Barsian
  • Basilisk City: A Vipent city that is the central of the religious power.  The temple of Albelial the Dragon is located in Basilisk City.
  • Fay Woods: The home to the Azizas
  • Muskton Harbor: Built because of the rich aquatic life that serves as a great fishing spot Muskton Harbor became the largest harbor Ezran has and more to the highest population of Muswarks. Throughout the years Muskton has operated as a major trading hub with the neighboring Islands and unfortunately also harbors the many pirates.
  • Babilite: The farthest major city from the throne. Lax laws and corruption make this city the perfect place for criminals to hide. Babilite has many casinos and gladiator arenas.
  • Galan City: City of mining and industry. Has the highest population of gorg slaves.
  • Gediddune: Home to the largest population of non-nomadic Mesadunites.
  • Miah City: Mia Island, it has become the central hub of commerce for Ezran and safe haven for Island Agapar due the influx of foreigners and the lack of either Barsian or Vipent influence. So  Miah City has become home to Island Agapar. It is a city of traders and commerce. It is the closet city to Ezran’s neighboring nations.