Albelial the Dragon
Name Albelial the Dragon
Aliases The serpent, the flaming beast, The Dark Master
Base of Operation Ezran
Occupation false deity
Title Dark entity
Age Unknown
Eye color Red
Hair color n/a
Height about 36 yards long
Weight Unknown
Race Dark Dragon
Gender Male
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
National Allegiance Unknown
Other Info
Weapon/Tool His fangs and his own breath.
Weakness The Shepherd.


In the first age of Ezran there was peace upon the land, myth and magic swirled in the cool winds, and all its diverse peoples a roamed freely within it. Then an evil spirit in the form of a falling star fell upon Ezran, from the fiery crater emerged the dark spirit that took the form of a dragon. The wicked dragon named Albelial devoured and destroyed all he could. Albelial demand devotion and worship and destroyed all who would not comply. Some followed others called out to Dabar the father of Ezran who defeated the dragon and sent them into exile where the dragon slumbered in the darkness. The followers of the dragons were the Vipents and because they choose evil they were cursed to live in deserts and caves.

In the second age of Ezran the people grew forgetful and forgot about the Shepherd and the Dragon. The Vipents who lived in the deserts and caves became jealous of their Ezranian brothers land and they struck a deal with Barsians hordes that had been trying to invade Ezran only to see defeat time and time again. A Vipent sorcerer summoned Albelial before them and offered their loyalty to the dragon if he would grant them victory over Ezran. Albelial being a prideful creature grew pleased with this proposition and gave their leaders knowledge and powers both magical and political in exchange he would be deified. The Barsians gain political power and the Vipents gain magical power. No one knows where the Albelial the dragon is but his influence is seen through his minions who use his power called Dragon breath magic.


He has a great reserve of magical power called “Dragon’s breath” that manifests in different ways; he can distribute it unto any of his followers. He has shape shifting abilities, physic abilities and possess great strength.