The Agron World Map E

The Realm or planet that Ezran is located on.

Agron Realm

Key Countries/Nations/Kingdoms/Empires: Edit

  • Kingdom of

Impie: The Kingdom of Impie (KI)is the head of the expanding Impiean Empire, It was founded by Dhampirins (decedents of Vampires and Nephilim. The Kingdom of Impie is ten times larger and ten times more magically and technologically advanced than Ezran.

  • Skotosian Empire: North of Ezran lies the vast Skotosian Empire. Founded by the warlord Gaki Quam. The empire consists maily of Onjinn
  • Mesaturk: Mesaturk is a united Mesadunite state  under by the devotion to Arkane and the teachings of their founder the so called wizard Omri Naba Gazi.
  • Barsia: The motherland of Barsians. Basia is predominantly Red Barsian.
  • Pagos: The Kingdom of Impie’s historical rivals. Pagos is equal to the KI in alchemic technology and Military might.
  • Ezran: A small multi-ethnic kingdom south of the Skotosian empire;Ezran is split into three casts once beautiful land of magic and wonder that has fallen under the control of a dark entity called Albelial the Dragon.